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Alkaline And Acidic Foods In The Kidney Disease Diet

The kidneys help to regulate the amount of acidity and alkalinity in our body. The body operates best when slightly alkaline, in the range of 7.35-7.45 pH. This delicate balance is maintained by the kidneys, and remains correct when there are no disorders or disease to interfere with the filtration system of the kidneys. Research has shown that reducing the acid intake in a kidney disease diet will assist in healing the kidneys and will also help with the prevention of many other health disorders.

Foods that are highly acidic, such as hard cheese, cereal grain, and meat, among many other examples, overload the kidneys and cause the body to become imbalanced, with too much acid in the blood stream. By reducing intake of highly acidic foods, one can avoid an overload of acid that must be filtered by the kidneys.  Green vegetables and fruits will help the body to naturally return to the delicate balance of acid in the body.

What is The Alkaline Kidney Disease Diet?

The alkaline kidney disease diet is a diet that emphasizes fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s based on the diet our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. The modern diet is filled with meat, dairy products, soft drinks, alcohol and other highly acidic foods and drinks. These departures from the diet that are bodies are designed to consume can cause serious injuries to our vital organs that have the job of maintaining a delicate balance in the body. Other factors that contribute to high acidity in the body are stress, lack of exercise and too many foods laden with sugar, saturated fats, yeast, and processed foods.

The “back-to-nature” aspect of the dietary movement to return the body to a state of wellness depends on the right amount of acid in the body. Too much acid can cause many physical problems, including a drop in energy, digestive disturbances and immune problems as well as burden to the filtration system of the kidneys.

A diet that is laden with sugars will cause acidity levels in the body to rise to dangerous levels when the kidneys are not functioning properly. The acid-alkaline kidney disease diet helps prevent the kidneys from becoming over stressed. This is especially important for those who are afflicted with chronic kidney disease. The presence of too much acid in the diet causes a vicious cycle to begin where toxins are created, the pH levels are lowered and bacterial and yeast growth causes an imbalance of bacteria within the digestive system. This type of toxicity can have devastating effects on the body.

Here is a short list of some of the natural remedies that will help detoxify the system:

  • Buchu
  • Burdock
  • Dandelion
  • Cleavers
  • Couch Grass
  • Echinacea
  • Yarrow

These herbal supports to the filtration system of the body help return the body to a state of wellness that our ancient ancestors enjoyed. Leaving out salty, processed foods, alcohol and carbonated drinks does not hurt anyone and has proven to be beneficial even to those with healthy kidneys. Enjoy your kidney disease diet to the fullest!

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